Digital media is a magical tool, which enhances both learning and teaching. Over the last 10 years we have delivered projects and worked with young people both locally and internationally, observing the industry as it grows within educational settings. We work to help setup digital spaces in schools with equipment to help pupils and teachers to work together to produces media.

Our digital school programs are designed to complement the effort of the government’s quality education drive and adding zest to the national formal school curriculum and to offer tangible learning outcomes that aim to inspire and motivate pupils and teachers. We work at the forefront of digital communication, encouraging young people to use their voice and skills to create meaningful work for potential local, national and international audiences. Our focused and inspirational workshops inspire pupils and teachers to create captivating content that you’ll be proud to show off again and again.

Our workshops give schools and young people the opportunity to:

  • Produce their own films

  • Setup digital space in schools

  • Produce the own audio clips

  • Photograph

  • Digital Art

  • Create a unique animation

  • Have a go at presenting a news program

  • Experiment with green screening

  • Film a curriculum resource