The Curiosity project is a multi-platform project that explores explore race, ethnicity and the concepts of Blackness though conversations with African and African American individuals and communities. Our work takes an intense look at the effects of the transatlantic slave trade and what this history means to people of African descent living in the divide. Though this collaborative effort we seek to create a common ground for mutual relationship.

Africa, south of the Sahara and descendants of slaves in the Americas have gone through a similar ordeal at the hands of their “colonial” and slave masters suffering political, social, economic deprivation and a total culture-washing that left people of black skin colour in a boat without direction (always at sea never finding the land).

Searching through the ashes of the dark past and asking hard questions  - the Curiosity project aims to reveal how two peoples, separated by one of the most gruesome human right violations of all times, can rediscover their common roots and rediscover themselves.


Arthur Pratt

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