Over the past 9 years The Freetown Media Centre has worked to create a space and provide resources and educational programs for filmmakers to tell their stories and and share them with the world. Our center provides educational programs, via workshops and trainings on basic media production, computer skills, sound engineering and more advanced filmmaking techniques. Over the years we have been able to develop a variety of curriculums that improve every year and can be tailored to different levels of experience.

Together with our partner WeOwnTV, we debuted in 2009 facilitating a month-long filmmaking workshop for 18 young men and women in Freetown, the country’s capital. In July 2010, fueled and inspired by these young collaborators, we opened the doors to the first WeOwnTV Freetown Media Centre to provide a space to meet, create media and begin to develop a career.

Our training programs covers topics suited for fiction and non-fiction forms and often include mentorship opportunities provided by internationally renowned individuals with universally acceptable accreditation. In place like Sierra Leone where there are no filmmaking schools, the Freetown Media Centre stands as a much needed educational centre for people with the desire to learn and improve their filmmaking skills to enable participate on the world filmmaking and storytelling stage.